Inox or stainless steel is an extremely strong material that is distinguished by its durability and naturally high corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for use in all climatic conditions, e.g. in atmospheres with a high chlorine or salt content.

Its other main advantages are heat resistance, long life and aesthetic appearance, which makes it suitable for decorative purposes as well. Stainless steel can be combined with all materials, because in contact with other materials there is no galvanic element, the result of which is galvanic corrosion.


Svelte, matte and SB

Thickness: from 0.5 to 3 mm

Formats: 1000×2000, 1250×2500, 1500×3000 mm


Thickness: from 0.50 mm to 1.00 mm
Formats: lx1000, lx1250 mm
Stripe width: from 20 mm