Large format for mighty architecture

Prestige Compact roofing covers the entire roof with copper. Panels with a copper foil in bigger sizes (100 x 34 cm) are complemented by suitable copper buckles that cover joints and create an aesthetic design, typical also of metal roofs of famous historical buildings. The Prestige Compact roofing can be slightly shifted, which enables various forms according to the requirements of the project and which makes this type of shingle perfect for creative designs. It is composed of eight layers of different materials and its thickness is 5 mm.

No. of shingles per m2:3.48
Surface in m2 on one pallet:194.88
Packages per pallet:48
Colour of wrapping paper:Copper    
Bitumen type:Oxidised Tia-Juana and HP
Size in cm:100 x 34

7 Prestige Compact dimensions

Exposed part in cm:29
Weight in kg/m2:8.5