Privacy Policy

The company Tišma doo, operates in accordance with the data protection policy in this document and on the website

About the policy of protecting personal data

The purpose of the policy for the protection of personal data is to inform subscribers and other persons who cooperate with Tišma d.o.o. (Tišma d.o.o., Preradovičeva ulica 36, ​​2000 Maribor (hereinafter: Tišma doo)) with the purpose and basis of the processing of personal data by the company Tišma d.o.o. and the rights of individuals in this field. At the same time, this policy further explains the consensus on data processing. Tišma d.o.o., as a service provider and supplier of goods, undertakes to protect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of users of service, web and other services. He will use the collected personal information exclusively for the provision of his services.

Protection of personal data

We understand how important your information is and therefore we respect the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of users of our online services. We will take everything necessary to protect them against any violations and abuses, as we are aware of the sensitive nature of this area.

Type of data and use of personal data

For the purpose of providing services, consulting and information about errors, problems and other upgrades related to the services and solutions our customers use, we collect the following information:
Name of person (physical / legal) – client
Address of the person (natural / legal) – client
Tax number – legal entities – customer
Name and surname of the party’s contact person
E-mail customer contact person
Phone number of the customer’s contact person
Mobile phone number of the customer’s contact person
Other data that the user voluntarily enters into the forms on the website

For the correctness of the entered data by the user, Tišma d.o.o. does not answer.


Rights of individuals

Company Tišma d.o.o. ensures the exercise of individual rights without undue delay and in any case within one month of receipt of the request. Individuals Tišma d.o.o. provides the following rights regarding the processing of their personal data:

  • The right of access;
    The data subject has the right to obtain confirmation that personal data are processed in connection with him.
  • The right to repair;
    The data subject has the right to correct inaccurate personal data in connection with him without undue delay.
  • The right to erase;
    The data subject has the right to delete personal data in connection with him without undue delay.
  • The right to transferability;
    The data subject has the right to receive personal information relating thereto to Tišma d.o.o. in a structured, widely used and machine-readable form.


Users may at any time request a change in their rights. They do this by notifying the company Tišma d.o.o by a written statement (e-mail).

Protecting the confidentiality of personal information and the privacy of users

Tisma d.o.o. in accordance with the regulations governing the protection of personal data, is obliged to protect all personal data. Under no circumstance, we will not, without the express permission, provide or allow us to inspect personal or other data to a third party, unless this is required of us by the state authorities, if such an obligation is specified by law, or for proceedings before courts or other state authorities.

All personal and other data that will be transmitted by the user via the web interface or in paper / electronic form on the visit of Tišma doo or handed over to the representative when visiting in paper / electronic form, including the content of the messages will be protected in accordance with the regulations, which regulate the protection of personal data. We will not use this information for any purpose that would in any way harm the user. We will also not use user data to send promotional emails, except to send those promotional notices to which the user explicitly orders or with whom he will explicitly consent. Tisma d.o.o. data may be used in anonymous form for statistical analysis purposes. The confidentiality of personal and other user data will not be violated in any form.

We will only supply the delivery services we use to the necessary data for the delivery of purchased products. By e-mail, we will contact the user, for the purpose of informing about the status of service orders, the service flow … and if necessary, for the execution of the purchase. In the event of a critical error or urgent notice regarding a production failure or other unusual circumstances, we will contact the customer via the contact telephone number. We will also use the telephone number (SMS) to confirm the user in case of transfer or use of confidential information.


Implementing privacy policy

All full-time or part-time employees as well as legal persons providing services for the company Tišma d.o.o. and have access to personal and other users’ data, are aware of the duty to protect personal and other data and are obligated to comply with these provisions on the protection of confidentiality of personal data. The duty to protect personal and other data is valid in time, even after the termination of the relationship with Tišma d.o.o. ..

The policy on the protection of personal data is valid from the announcement or from 25.5.2018 onwards.