Homogenous foil with high flexibility and the biggest expansion possibilities.

CharacteristicsUnit1.20 mm1.50 mm
Roll lengthm2520
Tensile expansion%≥ 750≥ 800
Tensile strengthN/mm2≥ 10≥ 10
Joining at cold temperatures°C-40-40
Change of size at warm storage%≤ 1≤ 1
Diffusion coefficient μ120000120000
Air layer diffusion equivalentm140180
Combustibility classB2/EB2/E
Hail strike
On rigid surfacem/s> 20> 25
On flexible surfacem/s> 30> 40
Shear testRequirements are met
Ozone stabilityRequirements are met
Artificial agingRequirements are met
Thermal agingRequirements are met
Resistance to microorganismsRequirements are met
Characteristics after storage in waterRequirements are met
Root resistanceRequirements are met