Copper, value over time

The result of the most recent findings of the research and development department at Tegola Canadese is the Prestige Elite shingle, which is cut with a water jet. It is composed of eight layers of different materials and its thickness is 5 mm. Copper is bent over the edges and it covers also bottom part of the shingle edge. Copper in combination with the form and thickness of the Prestige Elite shingle adds value to your Building in an incomparable manner.

No. of shingles per m2:6.9
Surface in m2 on one pallet:(97.44
Packages per pallet:48
Colour of wrapping paper:Copper   
Bitumen type:Oxidised Tia-Juana and HP
Size in cm:100 x 34

8 Prestige Elite dimensions

Exposed part in cm:14.5
Weight in kg/m2:17